From Paralysis to Peak: Jay Stevens’ Journey

Everest base camp - Jay Stevens 3

Jay Stevens’ incredible odyssey from grappling with paralysis to setting his sights on summiting Everest is not merely a tale of human resilience but also a profound lesson in financial adaptability. His saga showcases unwavering determination and sheds light on the formidable financial hurdles he surmounted while pursuing this monumental endeavour. View the video summary […]

Guide to Buy/Sell Funding and Insurance Ownership Structures


This guide provides a summary of the different policy ownership structures that are available when funding a business succession plan with insurance. Included are the key advantages and disadvantages to consider regarding how the policy should be owned for buy/sell cover.

There’s no such thing as Cancer Leave – Alex’s story

cancer leave

We recently caught up with Orbital Life client (and cancer survivor, and working professional) Alexandra (Alex) Baily, who had an important message she wanted to share about her journey. Read on for a case study from a highly resilient person. “It’s a story that I’m happy to share, because I want to help people understand […]

Do you want to partner with your partner’s partner?

buy sell insurance giraffes

Most people who go into business together do it because they work well together. Maybe it started with a great idea, or exceptional service, and it evolved into a strong partnership, with a commitment not dissimilar to a marriage. But what happens if something happens to one of you? No one wants to think about […]

What’s YOUR Plan B? A Walter White Case Study


What’s the connection between Walter White in Breaking Bad and life insurance? Life insurance doesn’t make for good television, but it does make for an interesting case study!  Setting the Scene Remember Walter White? The seemingly innocuous high school chemistry teacher turned drug lord from the hit TV series Breaking Bad? His life took a drastic turn […]

Workers compensation versus income protection

Workers compensation versus income protection

What’s the difference between workers compensation and income protection? What’s the difference between workers compensation and income protection? If you’re like most Australians, the thought of being unable to work due to illness or injury can be worrying. Fortunately, there are several types of cover available to ensure you and your loved ones are taken […]